Phone number 0000123456

May 4, 2006

Hey what the hell? I've just missed a call from phone number 0000123456. I googled for it. It appears when someone trying to call you from Skype via Skypeout. Ehhh, it was my mother (yes, my mother uses Skype) 🙂


18 Responses to “Phone number 0000123456”

  1. estelle Says:

    Thanks!! for posting this!
    Now I know who called me!

  2. od Says:

    Skypeout allows people to call to regular phone numbers.. Usually with credit. As of the third week of may, you could call out for free..

    Here is the thing, if you dial a number that doesn’t allow “blocked calls”, you would have to type a number in.. Usually 10 digits. I usually type 0773400000 (hello) or I type my home number.

    NOTE: Don’t call “smc” lol..

  3. Haha, my mom was bewildered to see the number on her cell. Thanks for the info

  4. jolene Says:

    hi.i have same problem nowadays.and i dont know how can i escape it. so if you could help me i will be so happy.thanks

  5. Vijay Singh Says:

    I got a missed call and I dont know why I googled it. Probably the no. was too fancy. And I cannot believe that I got the answer. Well, it makes sense now. Some one has tried to call my via skype.


  6. JAMMER Says:

    This type of service has to be stopped. My family members have been getting obsene and threatening phone calls from someone using this service. They have placed 911 calls to the local police through this and it turned into a stand-off between my extended family and 14 members of the local S W A T team due to this call. Also this person has tracked down our address and has made physical threats of bodily harm to all of us. THIS TYPE OF BLOCKING AND REDIRECTING SERVICE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED FOR JUST SUCH A REASON AS THIS!!!!!!

  7. Hey… Thanks a lot for posting…

  8. lori Says:

    We receive threatening phone calls from skype, too. They are awful. The police surrounded our home and our daughter’s home. I can’t tell you how scary and discusting the threats are. This HAS got to STOP. There should be a way that authorities can trace these calls.

  9. aman Says:

    hey….thanx for d info…but how to find out who called??

  10. jpt Says:

    I just received a phone call from this number. The person on the other end was breathing heavily and then hung up. WTF?

  11. Angel Says:

    I just received a phone call from a number 0000123456.
    Anyway, this person knew my name and all that good stuff.
    It really bothers me because I have no idea who it was.

  12. nick Says:

    I got a call at about 4 this morning
    saying “I’ll stop when you stop.”

    which isn’t that bad, but i had just awoken
    from a terrible dream about satan..


  13. Ender Says:

    Have any of you posted anything for sale on any site recently? I can only wonder if these assholes are skimming classifieds or craigslist or something.

  14. Mal Says:

    Thank you soooo much.
    I just got that call
    It creeped me out cuz its like 3:30 in the mornin rite now

  15. Ali Says:

    I posted my rental property on kijiji and craigslist last night. Someone is definitely skimming the classifieds. Losers with nothing better to do.

  16. Rory Says:

    Those of you who have been harassed should notify Skype. All companies are supposed to keep records of contacts made in case of things exactly as this. Skype should have information regarding the IP address linked with the call to your number. Callers probably usually have IP masks, but you may get lucky and be able to find out the TRUE identity of someone who called. It requires some investigation. Making anonymity illegal is ridiculous. I’m all for requiring that Credit Collectors and other supposedly legitimate corporations being required to use valid numbers to which numbers can be returned. But sometimes people don’t wish to share their numbers (like when they call someone they’ve only yet so far met online).

  17. Jv Says:

    Do the person on skype have to be one of ur contacts to call??

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